Monday, 2/18/19

Hi, guys! Happy Monday evening to you all. I hope you had a great weekend and that your week is off to a great start. Thankfully, Morgan’s week started off a whole lot better than her weekend did, for sure. Although Friday evening was enjoyable, Saturday was an entirely different story. She was dizzy, lightheaded and unable to keep anything down for the duration of the day. To say that she was miserable is an understatement.

By the grace of God, she woke up Sunday morning feeling better, yet tired. Because of this, the two of us took advantage of the way she was feeling and went on a 1 mile walk. Even though it was cold, she enjoyed being out and about; although, she was wrapped up in a blanket with teeth chattering. Just kidding. Her teeth were not chattering, but she was  definitely wrapped up in a blanket and it was without a doubt, a cold winters day in north Texas.

Today, Morgan spent the day with our friend Kitty. The two of them had lunch together and enjoyed watching movies in the comfort of Kitty’s home. It was a great time for her that ended with her having dinner when she arrived home and then straight to her bed. She was/is exhausted.

With that said, I will end things here for the night. We will plan on seeing you here again on Wednesday evening and on Facebook at, until then. I hope you guys get a good nights rest and are refreshed for the week ahead. Take care.

Warmest regards,

Salina Watson

Wednesday, 2/13/19

Hi, guys! Please forgive me for getting this update out to you all so late this evening. It has been an eventful Wednesday, to say the least. Better late than never, right? Let’s quickly jump in!

Today was a long clinic day for Morgan. She and I visited with her oncologist about her lab results, her plan for the next few weeks, our future appointment with a transplant team, and her eyesight . Morgan has recently noticed a change in her vision, which is likely due to treatment. That said, we will be making an appointment with her eye doctor real soon to evaluate things further.

Morgan also received IV chemotherapy today. She tolerated the infusion well, and even managed to sleep through a good portion of it. With that said, let’s pray that the next week goes as well as the infusion did. There are always potential side effects that can occur as her blood counts begin to drop.

On that note, I hope you all get a good nights rest, and have an awesome Thursday. We will plan on seeing you here again on Friday night and on Facebook until then! Sweet dreams!

Warmest regards,

Salina Watson

Monday, 2/11/2019

Hi, guys! Happy Monday evening! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend filled with rest, relaxation and time with those that you love. The Watson’s did! We didn’t do a whole lot outside of our 4 walls due to the cold temperatures, but we did enjoy being together.

I would say that Morgan had a good weekend; although, she had some real issues with dizziness & nausea Friday night through Saturday night. Things were better for her yesterday in regards to those symptoms, in fact she managed to get out and do a little grocery shopping with John and I in the morning. In the evening, she sat in the living room with us watching Sweet Home Alabama, which we all enjoyed.  I know that it is an older movie, but it was a first for the Watson’s. At least John, Morgan and myself.

Well, that’s going to do it for tonight. I hope you guys have a great couple of days. We will see you here on Wednesday for an update and on Facebook at, between now and then. See you soon!

Warmest regards,

Salina Watson

Friday, 2/8/19

Good Friday evening, Team Morgan! It sure is a cold wintery day here in north Texas.  It  seems to be that way for most of the country, right now. If you are reading this and are enduring cold temperatures, stay warm. While you’re at it, consider thanking the good Lord for shelter from the cold, for there are many that are not as fortunate this evening.

Speaking of being thankful, we are super thankful that Morgan has been feeling good the past 2 days, despite having IV chemo on Wednesday. Although she is still pretty tired, she finally seems to have the nausea under control, which is a plus. She was absolutely miserable because of it.

The two of us spent a good portion of the day in the clinic again yesterday. While there she received 2 units of blood. She tolerated the procedure well, and left the clinic with a little more color to her cheeks. That combined with the smile on her face, made this mom happy.

On that note, we hope you all have a wonderful weekend. We will see you guys on Facebook at , and right back here on Monday! Take care!

Warmest regards,

Salina Watson


Wednesday, 2/6/2019

Hi, there! I just wanted to check in with you guys before heading to bed for the night. Yesterday was a pretty tough day for Morgan in that she had a headache for a good portion of the day. She also continued to struggle with nausea; although, we applied the anti-nausea patch behind her ear per her physicians order.

Today, was a better day in regards to the nausea, but she received another dose of IV chemotherapy in clinic. She also received her premedication’s that included steroids and had a repeat EKG.  With that said, we are starting to notice a little bit of swelling in her legs and face, which I believe I heard her oncologist say is a result of the IV chemotherapy.  Let’s just pray that both the nausea & swelling do not get any worse than they currently are.

Well guys, it’s been a long day for the Watson’s. It is time to call it a night. I hope you all sleep well, as we are certainly planning on it. Let’s plan on meeting here on Friday for an update, and on Facebook at , until then! Take care!

Warmest regards,

Salina Watson

Monday, 2/4/2019

(Picture taken 12/9/18)

Hi, guys! Good Monday evening! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and that this week is off to a good start for each of you. The Watson’s had a descent couple of days at home; although, we didn’t do a whole lot, as Morgan was not feeling well. She has continued to experience fatigue, nausea, and a headache from time to time. The anti-nausea medication that she is taking does not seem to be doing much for her these days. I have a message into her oncologist to see if there is something else that she can prescribe for her. Also, Morgan is really having an issue with tasting things. Nothing taste good to her, and she’s has been struggling with a constant foul taste in her mouth. We shall see what her physician suggest for this also, as it is likely due to the new IV chemo.

With that said, although Morgan spent the majority of the past 2 days at home, she did manage to get out of the house with me on Saturday for about an hour. She and I went to a walking trail where we took pictures together. Yesterday, she and John went to the grocery store so that she could pick up ingredients for a tasty dip that she wanted to prepare for the Super Bowel game. Both outings were short lived, but I do believe they helped her a bit. And…her special dip was delicious, as always.

Well, I think that will do it for today. Let’s plan on meeting back here on Wednesday for another update. And, we will see you on Facebook at, until then. You guys take care!


Warmest regards,

Salina Watson

Friday, February 1, 2019

(Picture taken the end of 12/2018)


Hi, guys! I just wanted to send out a quick update this Friday evening to let you all know that Morgan has not been feeling well the past couple of days. I suppose the IV chemotherapy that she received Wednesday, combined with her newest oral chemotherapy are beginning to take a bit of a toll on her little body. She has been experiencing nausea and dizziness on top of  fatigue that has been lingering for sometime now. These symptoms have found her lying in bed the majority of today. Lets pray that the chemotherapy is doing its job in regards to the leukemia, and that these symptoms resolve quickly.

I hope you all have a great weekend. We will plan on seeing you back here on Monday, and on Facebook at , until then. Take care.

Warmest regards,

Salina Watson

Wednesday, 1/30/19

While yesterday was a low key day for Morgan, today was quiet the opposite. The morning started with her having an echocardiogram followed by an appointment with her oncologist. While in the clinic, her port was accessed, labs drawn & IV chemotherapy started.

The chemotherapy itself took about an hour to run, but she had to be observed for an additional hour following it. This was the first time for Morgan to receive this particular drug, so certain precautions had to be taken. That said, I think she tolerated the procedure well, as she slept through the majority of it. This is likely due to the premedication that she received upon arrival.

Now, we wait and see how her body will respond to the chemo as it begins to do its job. Unfortunately, as her blood counts begin to drop there are many potential side effects that can occur. Fever being the most common. Let’s pray that they are minimal, if any.

On that note, I will end there. Please plan on meeting us back here on Friday for another update on Morgan & on her Facebook page , until then! Thank you, guys!

Warmest regards,

Salina Watson

Friday, 1/25/19

Thursday and Friday have been fair for Morgan; although, she has been waking up extremely fatigued. We are not sure if it is a result of the leukemia or the new oral chemotherapy that she started last week. Perhaps, its a combination of the two.

This morning she woke up with a headache and could be found either sitting in the recliner or laying in bed. Unfortunately, Tylenol does not help with her headaches when they occur, and she is not able to take Ibuprofen with her diagnosis . Being that she refuses to take anything stronger for them, this means that she has to let them pass on their own. Unless of course it is a result of a low blood level , in which case she would receive a blood transfusion as she did on Tuesday.

Any how, Morgan did manage to run a couple of errands with me this afternoon, which I think may have been beneficial for her. Perhaps its just the mother in me, but I always feel like fresh air does a person good.  Not to mention a little sunlight. There is just something about it that can raise a persons spirits & make them feel better, if only for just a bit. This was the case for Morgan, as she quickly jumped back into bed once we arrived home.

On that note, we will plan on seeing you guys back here on Monday with an update and on Facebook – until then. We hope you all have a great weekend.

Warmest regards,

Salina Watson

Wednesday, 1/23/19

Yesterday, Morgan and I spent the majority of the day at the hospital where she received 2 units of blood. Since her relapse in June, she has needed transfusions every 1-2 weeks. In the beginning, it was actually a couple of times per week. Thankfully, she did well during the procedure, and even managed to sneak in a nap, which is rare for her.

We did speak to 3 of her providers throughout the day, and we all agreed that she would start IV chemotherapy in addition to the new oral chemo that she started last week. Although it would have been ideal for her to start that on yesterday, we are still waiting on approval from our insurance company before getting started. Hopefully, that will be resolved next week so that we can move forward. While in conversation, we planned for John, Morgan & I to consult with another oncologist in the near future to get information on a bone marrow transplant. Although, we are not considering a transplant currently due to her previous side effects with treatment, we are just gathering information at this time.

Also, due to Morgan’s history of pulmonary hypertension with one of the chemotherapy’s that she received during her initial diagnosis, an EKG was performed yesterday before we left the hospital. We are waiting on results of it. In addition to that, an echocardiogram is  being scheduled for next week. Let’s pray that these 2 test come back normal as she had a short episode of chest pain after starting oral chemo last week.

Well guys, I think that about sums it up. Thank you all for keeping up with Morgan’s journey, and continuing to show her & our family such love & support. If you are not already following her on Facebook and would like to do so, please click on the link to her Team Morgan page ( ) and be sure to follow this blog by hitting the follow button at the bottom of the screen. Thank you!

Warmest regards,

Salina Watson