Thursday, 8/1/19

Good Thursday morning, my friends. I hope you all are doing well and that your week has been good to you, thus far. That said, I just wanted to share a bit of Morgan’s week with you, specifically yesterday’s appointment with her doctor.

After visiting with her oncologist we learned that Morgan’s bone marrow is currently operating at 30%, thanks to a cellular test that was performed on the bone marrow tissue. For those of you that may not be aware, your bone marrow’s job is to produce red blood cells that carry oxygen to the lungs, white blood cells that protect our bodies from infection and platelets that help our blood to clot. This is why Morgan has been needing so many blood/platelet transfusions and has had fevers often over the past month or so.

Given the fact that Morgan went through 3.5 years of harsh chemotherapy from 2009-2012, has been receiving chemotherapy over the past year, and underwent immunotherapy in the Fall, it has become a bit challenging for her body to recover . To put things into perspective, during her current course of treatment, Morgan was supposed to be on oral chemotherapy daily , receive IV chemotherapy once a week for 3 weeks and then have one week off before starting the cycle again. This was supposed to go on for 6 months with the plan of finishing this course of treatment in July. However, she finished her 2nd month in April and has not been able to resume IV chemotherapy due to her bone marrow not recovering.That said, we have learned that it is possible for your bone marrow to not recover resulting in a bone marrow transplant. However, her oncologist is hopeful that it will with time.

All that to say this, Morgan is in peace with all that is going on with her little body right now. In fact, while she sat wrapped up in her pretty pink blanket waiting on her oncologist to come in, I asked her what she was feeling in that moment and her response was “peaceful”. As a mother, that could not have brought me more joy as I sat beside her. My prayer, is that we can all learn from Morgan’s example and choose peace in the midst of the storms of life!

May you all know that you are loved and that the blessings of the Lord surround you! Take care!

Warmest Regards,

Salina Watson

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I'm a purpose driven dreamer who loves The Lord, her family, reading, writing, dancing & running!

12 thoughts on “Thursday, 8/1/19”

  1. Living one moment at a time is and was hard for me throughout the years. I have learned to live daily and by moments. My reactions to things have changed this past year and the lord has helped as I have surrendered more to him. So seeing morgan smile big like her heart she made my morning full of peace. So love you ladies and thank you for reminding me to live in peace and one moment at a time. Have a great day

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  2. Love you Morgan , miss you so much ,hope to come see you don’t have a time planed yet have my teeth worked on. All of your family down here are praying for you,Happy you feel peaceful. Jesus has got your back .

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  3. Little Watson, as your daily struggles are prayed on daily by my family, we do know from picture that you keep your toes painted and your smile is BEAUTIFUL!!!! We LOVE YOU KID!!!

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  4. Dear sweet morgan, I speak of you often to my friends about what a warrior and fighter you are. Keep your faith and peace going god does here you and has yr back. You are a inspiration to all of us out here who praying daily for your complete healing. Love you and mommy and family….auntie in ohio……

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  5. Hi, Morgan. The Burke’s are constantly praying for you and your family. All of you are incredible and are amazing in how you live your lives and your faith. We’ll keep praying and you keep smiling!!

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