Thursday, 4/25/19

Hey, Team Morgan!!

This past week has been a great one for me. 😊

Yesterday I went to clinic, received my 3rd week of chemo for month 2. Even though my platelets still continue to be low, my oncologist gave me the okay to restart my oral chemo after a month of holding it. Yay! I also found out that my hemoglobin was 8.5 (they typically infuse at or below 8) ,but since I’m slowly starting to get headaches I decided to go ahead and get transfused a week early, so I won’t be miserable over the weekend. I was supposed to get transfused today, but it was postponed until tomorrow.

That’s it for this week. I hope y’all have a great rest of your week. I look forward to talking to y’all next week!


8 thoughts on “Thursday, 4/25/19”

  1. Morgan, you’re so mature and so in control of your decisions. We are so proud of you. We know you are facing difficult obstacles each and every day. Your family backs you 100%. Your friends and relatives back you 100%. But most of all, God backs you, loves you, and protects you from that Monster 200% each moment of every day. We all love you, Morgan.

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    1. Awh! this comment made my morning. Thank you so much!! I really appreciate it. I love y’all, too! 🧡🧡🧡


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