Monday, 2/18/19

Hi, guys! Happy Monday evening to you all. I hope you had a great weekend and that your week is off to a great start. Thankfully, Morgan’s week started off a whole lot better than her weekend did, for sure. Although Friday evening was enjoyable, Saturday was an entirely different story. She was dizzy, lightheaded and unable to keep anything down for the duration of the day. To say that she was miserable is an understatement.

By the grace of God, she woke up Sunday morning feeling better, yet tired. Because of this, the two of us took advantage of the way she was feeling and went on a 1 mile walk. Even though it was cold, she enjoyed being out and about; although, she was wrapped up in a blanket with teeth chattering. Just kidding. Her teeth were not chattering, but she was  definitely wrapped up in a blanket and it was without a doubt, a cold winters day in north Texas.

Today, Morgan spent the day with our friend Kitty. The two of them had lunch together and enjoyed watching movies in the comfort of Kitty’s home. It was a great time for her that ended with her having dinner when she arrived home and then straight to her bed. She was/is exhausted.

With that said, I will end things here for the night. We will plan on seeing you here again on Wednesday evening and on Facebook at, until then. I hope you guys get a good nights rest and are refreshed for the week ahead. Take care.

Warmest regards,

Salina Watson

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I'm a purpose driven dreamer who loves The Lord, her family, reading, writing, dancing & running!

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