Monday, 1/28/19

Good Monday evening, everyone. I hope you all had a good weekend, and that your week is off to a great start. Morgan has had a reasonable past couple of days; although, she chose to stay indoors all day Saturday due to being fatigued. She did enjoy a little time out of the house yesterday morning with her father & I while watching THE UPSIDE at a nearby movie theater. Since her immune system is generally low, we always try to go to the first showing of the day, if we go. This has worked out best for us in many ways, especially since there are very few people in attendance.

That said, Morgan did experience some dizziness off and on while we were at the theater and for some time afterwards. There were actually a number of times when she had to hang on to either John or myself to keep from falling. I honestly don’t know what the cause of it was, but it seemed to resolve as the day progressed. We will discuss this with her physician at her upcoming appointment or sooner, if it occurs again. Let’s pray that it doesn’t.

With that said, we will plan on updating you guys here again on Wednesday. Please be sure to follow Morgan on Facebook at , until then. May you guys get a goodnights rest, and have an awesome Tuesday! Sweet dreams!

Warmest regard,

Salina Watson

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I'm a purpose driven dreamer who loves The Lord, her family, reading, writing, dancing & running!

2 thoughts on “Monday, 1/28/19”

  1. Praying for you Morgan!! Salina, you and your family are in our prayers. Morgan, I hope this dizziness and nausea get better for you.. Thats very miserable!! Very happy to hear you were able to get out and enjoy time outside and away from the house. Thinking about you daily. Your in my constant prayers. ❤


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