Friday, 1/25/19

Thursday and Friday have been fair for Morgan; although, she has been waking up extremely fatigued. We are not sure if it is a result of the leukemia or the new oral chemotherapy that she started last week. Perhaps, its a combination of the two.

This morning she woke up with a headache and could be found either sitting in the recliner or laying in bed. Unfortunately, Tylenol does not help with her headaches when they occur, and she is not able to take Ibuprofen with her diagnosis . Being that she refuses to take anything stronger for them, this means that she has to let them pass on their own. Unless of course it is a result of a low blood level , in which case she would receive a blood transfusion as she did on Tuesday.

Any how, Morgan did manage to run a couple of errands with me this afternoon, which I think may have been beneficial for her. Perhaps its just the mother in me, but I always feel like fresh air does a person good.  Not to mention a little sunlight. There is just something about it that can raise a persons spirits & make them feel better, if only for just a bit. This was the case for Morgan, as she quickly jumped back into bed once we arrived home.

On that note, we will plan on seeing you guys back here on Monday with an update and on Facebook – until then. We hope you all have a great weekend.

Warmest regards,

Salina Watson

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I'm a purpose driven dreamer who loves The Lord, her family, reading, writing, dancing & running!

9 thoughts on “Friday, 1/25/19”

  1. Conotinued prayer for you Morgan and your sweet family. One thing I do with head aces is get where its quiet (earplugs if necessary ) a cave of pillows all around me and circulations from a fan I put cool compress on my forehead and ice pack on my neck Cloth between your skin and the ice back is advised. YOu might try tylenol PM It help me some times sleep. Als set your pillow to wear you can’t tilt your head back to far, I tend to do this a lot and it causes headaches that and throwing my arms above my head will cause head aches… pay attention to what causes them I’m so sorry your having the headaches and its affecting you sleep. Dont they give you a sleep pill? Love you sweet girl!

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