For the past couple of days Morgan has been pretty fatigued and complaining of headaches off & on. Generally, headaches for her signal a low hemoglobin that requires a blood transfusion. The need for this was confirmed early this afternoon when we received her lab results from this morning. Hopefully, once she receives the 2 units of blood that have been ordered for her, she’ll be feeling a bit better.

With that said , she did manage to spend the afternoon with a close friend of ours today. The two of them visited at her house, while watching movies together. It was a much needed time away from home that left her walking into the house with a Chick Fil A bag in hand upon returning . Considering that she loves Chick Fil A, I’d say that was a good ending for the day.

Now, let’s pray that Morgan gets a good nights rest, and that tomorrow is a better one. After all, all days are good; although, some are better than others. At least, that is what a friend once told me. Sweet dreams, everyone!

Warmest regards,

Salina Watson

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