The older I get combined with the experiences that I encounter, the more I realize just how little control we truly have in this life. Although the majority of us can control the things we say, think and do, we don’t have control of anything beyond that. The realization of this sunk in just a little deeper Tuesday while at Morgan’s doctors appointment.

Although we knew that we would be receiving the results of her bone marrow biopsy and spinal tap from last week, we had no idea of what that would intel. After a lengthy conversation with one of her oncologist, we learned that the immunotherapy (Car-T)  that she had in early October was no longer working and that she does indeed have leukemia cells in her bone marrow. If you can recall, the past 2 times that she had a bone marrow biopsy done after the Car-T infusion, she did not have leukemia cells, but further testing on the marrow revealed the Philadelphia (+) chromosome both times, which is a precursor for her specific type of leukemia.

So, now what? Well, the answer to that question is a tough one. Typically in a case as such, patients would be preparing to have a bone marrow transplant; however, as we all know, Morgan is not a typical patient. Given her previous history of side effects that she is still living with today, her medical team feels like it would be too risky for her to endure; although they did not rule it out completely. That said, they gave us 2 options in regards to treatment, both of which would mean oral & IV chemotherapy. One of them would basically be just to keep things at bay, while the other has a better chance of her reaching remission; although, it does have the potential of causing liver toxicity.  This particular treatment plan would require daily oral chemotherapy, and weekly IV chemotherapy 3 weeks per month for 6 months.

With that said, when we left the doctors office on Tuesday, the doctor agreed that we should take a few days to think about all that was discussed, and follow up with them next week with our decision moving forward. In the mean time, her staff was going to initiate authorizations for both chemotherapy’s (oral/IV). She also mentioned sending us to another oncologist for a consultation, if we decide to go that route.

On that note, all I can say to you is that we do not know what the future holds, but we are confident that HE is there. And while this news was new to us, it was of no surprise to HIM. We believe that although this disease is not of his doing, HE is doing something beautiful with it. For His word says, “what was meant for your harm, I will use for your good.

Therefore, we are going to face each day as it comes. For we know that as long as there is breath in our lungs, there is a plan & a purpose for us all. From her initial diagnosis until now, Morgan has chosen to live fully, and to do so while fulfilling The Lords mission for her life.  In fact, for the past few days she and I have been creating this website and        Team Morgan Facebook page, which is something that we have been wanting to do. With a goal of writing a book about her journey this year, we thought it would be in our best interest to have everything documented in one place. We were hoping that place would be her website, but being that we had issues moving it from Facebook to the site, we had to move it to a FB page, instead. However, starting with this blog post forward all updates will be posted on her site & shared on her Team Morgan Facebook page.

We hope that you guys will continue to be a part of this beautiful journey. Thank you for your continued support for Morgan and our family. We love you, guys.

Warmest regards,

Salina Watson




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I'm a purpose driven dreamer who loves The Lord, her family, reading, writing, dancing & running!

13 thoughts on “Thursday”

  1. I just got my voice back and started really praying again today. I pray for Morgan all the time. Now I see what to really pray for. I will start with that now. I know that my knee was hurting really bad yesterday and I had been using Turmeric like candy. I had three different people lay hands on me and pray last night and things are getting better. So now I just prayed again for Morgan and where the leukemia is and prayed that she can be healed. I know that God is using your smile and your fighter attitude to give hope to others. Keep on fighting. I will be praying more.

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  2. I like your blog with the animals on the top and I will have to read everything else on your site. I also visit your mom’s blog all the time.


  3. Bless you, both of you…. I am saddened by this latest news, but we will continue to claim healing in the name of Jesus!!! Never give up~ God is on His throne!!!

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  4. Praying for all.As you know ,I just went thru this with my childhood friend of over 50 years.It is a beast ,that rears it’s head multiple times. I pray for complete healing🙏🏻

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